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Last Update - Aug 21st 2009 [ Science ]
Last Surf - Jul 15 @ [ Ogunquit, 3+ ft offshore]
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Local : Mon January 20, 20 / 03:23PM

Addendum-Hardcorps is no longer located in Hull (as of May 2001). As soon as we have new contact information we will post it up as soon as we can. For those of you out there that miss that sweet, sweet voice in the morning that was the Hull surf report. Here is a throw back that will bring back the memories....... (Click HERE to listen in)

Hardcorps surf shop located in Hull MA at Nantasket Beach. The number one surf shop within one mile of where I live. I bought my first surfboard from Hardcorps a little over 10 years ago, and have gone through many as my tastes have shifted from shortboard to longboard. The owner is mild mannered C.E. Wells, and assisted by his debt collecting goon "Ryan". He carries everything under the sun, from the skimboard to 10 foot noseriders, bikinis to 6X4X3 winter wetsuits, skateboards to snowboards the man carries it all. If Hardcorps doesn't sell it, you probably don't need it. Hardcorps has also been shaping strong durable surfboards for about four years now. LUX is the board to buy for the rocky New England coast. If you enjoy the performance of a shortboard or hangin 11 on a log, Hardcorps can help put you on it. Hardcorps surf and skate also publishes FLAT Magazine. A great read for skaters, snowboarders and surfers local to the MA, NH and RI scene. Chocked full of pics and stories this magazine is destined to rival the greats such as TV guide and possibly Good Housekeeping. If you want to contact Hardcorps you can call the shop at (617)925-9283 and for the wave report (617)925-ERLY. If you do, let them know you found it right here on - Thanks

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