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Last Update - Aug 21st 2009 [ Science ]
Last Surf - Jul 15 @ [ Ogunquit, 3+ ft offshore]
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Local : Thu February 27, 20 / 12:13AM

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Hardcorps surf shop in Hull, Massachusetts. Surfboards - skateboards - snowboards (both new and used). Full line of gear from wetsuits to surf trunks to bikinis, traction pads, wax, leashes and ding repair kits. Everything the Northeast boarder needs to survive. 781-925-9283
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FLAT Magazine! Surf/Skate/Snow/Music/Videos/Crap/Crap and more Crap getting pumped out of the surfshop down there at 15 Hull Shore Dr in Hull. Check out the latest issue before the Y2K bug bites em in the ass.
Intrigued with nature, Wess paints what he enjoys most of all - Ocean Waves. His passion for the Arts, surfing, and a deep respect for the Ocean - are all evident in his original works. The Artwork is so detailed and accurate you will be amazed at the imagery that he has created in his original paintings. Unbelievably Realistic !

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