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About :
Welcome to the 3rd generation of! This site has been revised for the new year but it is still New England surfing, snowboarding, skating and random things that we decide should be on, because its our show dammit! For those of you that are new to the site, has a large section of surf/snow/skate pictures and it is growing, if you have any shots of yourself send em on in and we'll try and post them out here on for you, think of the possibilities...fame, fortune, autograph sessions and book deals. Now for those of you out there who came to hoping to find some information on learning to surf, check out this passage written by Chris Payne.

We plan to keep Cutback fresh with new content for the 2001 hurricane season so bookmark this page with your other surf/sk8/snow links "Ctrl-D". The snowboarding season was a little lame this year with the far from consistent snowfalls we received in Vermont. There were some good days here and there, but not not the epic snow tales one would usually get from Stowe. We will be posting some more photos from this past season and if you have some fat grinds that you want to share with the world just send them to the boss.
Spend Money :
EBAY - Here is a place to check out if you have some money to spend. This is a link to EBay's (the online auctioning site) surfboards. People sell a lot of crap on there but every now and again you can get into the bidding war on some vintage surfboards and surf related items. I must warn you that sometimes you may actually bid against the owner as he/she tries to squeeze you for extra dough, but you may get a Greg Noll for a song too.


The Martinson Bros-
Support your local band!! This band from Hull, MA cranks out some awesome surf music! Their songs have been featured in many Herbie Fletcher home videos that can be picked up your local surf shop. Band :Dana Martinson: Lead Guitars, Bass, Keys. Brad Martinson: Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keys. Bear: Lead Dog, you can hear him on Rell of Makaha, near the end he shakes his dog tags in rhythm. Download some MP3's now.

Whats Happening :
The Wellfleet Beachcomber : 2001
The Wellfleet Beachcomber
The Beachcomber will be opening its 2001 season on May 24th at 9pm. Be there to pick up your free seasons pass with paid admission, a great value for the hardcore Wellfleet people (and you know who you are!).Check out this years summer schedule , some of the bands include our favorites:
May 28 - Dick Dale ("King of the surf guitar" 5pm-9pm)
July 8 - Bim Skala Bim (9pm-1am)
July 15 - Yellowman (Jamiacan Reggae 9pm-1am)
August 12 - Bim Skala Bim (9pm-1am)


Annual Old Timers Longboard Contest: 2000
Sunday August 27 2000, The Annual Old Timers Longboard Contest will be held at Whitecrest Beach in Wellfleet MA. Get those old logs ready to go!! For more info call (508) 255 2662 between 10am and 5pm or simply swing on in to Jaspers Surf Shop afer this weekend (the 19th and 20th) for signups and all that. (See Below for Description)
What exactly is "The Old Timers" all about you ask? Okay, first, it isn't a 'real competition', it's a good time masquerading as a contest. Contests are jokes, that serve only to blow up some twerp's ego. This is more an old timer's reunion, party and a place for old board collectors to drool at each other. The oldtimer's is on Sunday, the 27th at White Crest Beach in Wellfleet, starting around 4:30 in the afternoon. Signups are at Jasper's Surf Shop in North Eastham only, and you can't sign up by mail or by phone. The entry is $20, in cash, no credit cards, per person. $25 if you want a long sleeve tee shirt. You get entered into the thing, a tee shirt, and you get to go to the party afterwards, at Jimmy D's in North Eastham. You can also buy just a teeshirt, or just pay at the door to get into the party. There are trophies, cheezy things really. Several age categories: 21-30, 30-40, 40-50, women's, lifeguards, female lifeguards, etc. The rules, as I understand them: You have to be over 21 years old. Old, long boards only. No wetsuits or leashes. (yeah, that's right. It's irresponsible and dangerous. Well, that wasn't my idea: watch out for old longboards, they can hurt a lot.) If you have ever won before, you won't win again. It's somebody else's turn. Don't take it seriously: the judges are drunk anyways. The waves are never too small. They may be too big, in which case the thing is postponed. Other things Bring your own booze to the's sunday, so plan ahead. No glass bottles please. Clean up after yourself and others. That way, it can go on again next year. Get a bite to eat between the beach and the party. There are no bathrooms on the beach. It gets cold down there too. Okay? Have fun. - The Gospel According to Doc

Costa Rica :
Heading to Costa Rica? Have a look at the new section posted here on You really need to get "The Surfers Guide to Costa Rica" by Mike Parise. But if you are too cheap, I have jotted down a few things that may/maynot be helpful to you.

Miscellaneous Things :

Cape Cod:
If you are heading down to the Cape and the islands to surf before then, be sure to stop by The Wellfleet Beachcomber. Plenty of sun, waves, booze and music for you to enjoy at this landmark establishment. If you do go, make sure to hook yourself up with one of their tasty Frozen Mud-Slides!!

If you are chasing a swell up the coast and cape cod is on the list and like to "rough" it. We suggest camping at either Paines Campground or Maurices (both near surf). I would choose Paines though, just because they allow camp fires and they have wood you can purchase by the bundle.

If you are headed out to the Islands, you will want to check out the Vineyard Schedule from Woods Hole and Hyannis or the Nantucket Schedule from Hyannis. Call ahead if you plan on bringing your ride over. Also call for pricing on bringing your boards with you, I think they bill it out as a windsurfer. There is another ferry that leaves from Falmouth and goes to Oak Bluffs on the Vineyard but it does not carry cars. On this Ferry it will cost you $20 each way with your surfboard.

Oh and one more thang for ye, before you jump in your ride with all your boards strapped to the roof you may want to take a peek at the traffic cams located at the Bourne Bridge and Sagamore Bridge. When we hit the Cape on the weekends during the summer we recommend leaving super early or super late. The traffic down there can be a nightmare with the rotaries in place.

Liquid Stage: the Lure of Surfing
This special chronicles the history of surfing, from its origins in Polynesia to its high-tech, modern-day counterpart.
GBH 2 Friday June 22 @ 12:00am
GBH 44 Friday June 22 @ 04:00pm Surfing for Life:
GBH 2 Friday June 22 @ 01:00am

Check out the schedule for Surfer Magazine and The Surfers Journal on the Outdoor Life Network.

NE Surf Club
To keep up with all the latest news on the surf scene in New England via email, sign on with the NE Surf Club. If you do join, you will get a LOT of crap email BUT there are some people that have some useful things to say about the local surf conditions, weather reports, tropical updates etc etc etc.

Surf H2O
If your not headin anywhere fast or its as smooth as glass out there, check dis game out Surf H2O

Would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the site. D.W., M.O., C.E.W., R.S., D.S., Brothers Delman, Maurices Campground, Paines Campground, Brock, Beer, Hull PD, Box Lunch, Eveready Eddy, and turd. Also, big thanks to all that visit this site on a routine basis.

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